Men versus Women flutists

Men versus Women flutists

Men versus Women flutists    19:06 on Wednesday, October 24, 2007          

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Dear Forum Members:

I belong to local forums (Chicago), both in print and on the ‘net --- and recently came across a ridiculous posting by someone who only gave his initials: “R.B”. --- (I’m certain, INTENTIONALLY so), in which he states that: “Women have no business playing the flute. Men are always better”.

Can you believe it? Whoever this male chauvinist pig is, he apparently is totally clueless. Some of the greatest flutists of all time are women. MY favorite flutists are, and always have been, women players, whether professional, very talented amateurs, or those who play in the “minor” leagues.

Has this idiot never heard of: Susan Milan, Marina Piccinini, Doriot Dwyer, Paula Robison, Jeanne Baxtresser … and on and on?

Can THEIR credentials and accomplishments be ignored? What are they? Chopped Liver? Excuse me?

Can you imagine auditioning for (any given) major symphony, or signing a contract with a recording company ---- and NOT be (at least one of) the BEST?

I would pit Paula Robison’s aggressive, passionate style of playing, and her “big” sound against any male player’s.

So much for “male flutists are ‘always better’ than female flutists”.

My guess is that I now know just whom he studied the flute under: it was
Archie bunker.

I thought my early posts on the forum were ridiculous --- but “R.B” managed to out-do me, if possible. Therefore he is principal, and I’m relegated to “second chair”.

Best regards, Jim Millen

Re: Men versus Women flutists    19:40 on Wednesday, October 24, 2007          

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Posted by Patrick

RB is someone who is trying to start a fight, so don't fall into the trap, that happens on this forum all the time...we now tend to ignore those a---holes...

Re: Men versus Women flutists    08:06 on Thursday, October 25, 2007          

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Posted by jose_luis

Some time ago I almost started a thread with the opposite argument. But then I preferred to avoid arguments that could easily become sexist.
My idea was that there are more female flute players and soloists in symphonic orchestras than male players.
I think we could now discuss this issue, but being very careful not to start a fight and avoid gender biases.
But I am curious whether this perception of mine may be true or just be based on partial or limited information.


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