Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my "misinformation"?

Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my "misinformation"?

Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my "misinformation"?    18:03 on Saturday, October 27, 2007          

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Dear Members of this Honorable Forum:

I have been lambasted for authoring OPINIONS on this forum, as though I were the "Principal" flutist.

A forum (and please look that word up) is: dialectic, an open discussion and joint discussion, free to debate.

I don't recall ever authoring anything other than an OPINION, which by definition is a "point of view" (Please look that word up, would you?) --- and an OPINION is open to debate, counter-opinion(s) and contrapositions, WHICH I WELCOME. If you know more than I, then say so (friendly).

I NEVER positioned myself as the "know-all, end-all" of the flute world, regarding either the construction of the instrument, or HOW to play it. I only, ever, offered OPINIONS based upon my former teachers, my ongoing discussions with some of the professional flutists I know, and the many talented amateur flutists in the Chicago Metro Area. And my 40 years in being acquainted with our wonderful instrument.

The differentia between OPINION and DICTUMS is quite clear.

A DICTUM is a pronouncement and might well NOT be supported by authoritative source(s).

I NEVER postulated anything that could be construed as a DICTUM. THAT is, indeed, irresponsible and provides a gross disservice to Members of the Forum.

I ONLY offered opinions, which are based solely upon my years of experience in having studied with very accomplished teachers; having known (and know) virtuoso flutists --- and depending upon their feed-back regarding the PLAYING of the flute.

In closing, IF "I'm all wet and 'providing misinformation', then so are Paula Robison, Julius Baker, Don Peck, Marina Piccinini, Susan Milan --- and MANY others. Please address your "counterpoints" and acidic responses to THEM, and let's see how far you get.

Finally, the Principal Flutist of this Forum, Chris (and I kept his e-mail to me) said: "Flute players don't know anything about the construction of the flute --- they ONLY know how to play". EXCUSE ME? After all is said and done, ISN'T THAT WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT? PLAYING.?? I guess his point was that professional flutists, spending some $20,000 for a flute don't "know anything about WHAT they're playing".


Then, as a counterpoint, I forwarded a copy of an e-mail from Christina at POWELL flutes, regarding construction ---, and, sure enough, HE dismissed that with a "wave of the hand" and said "she doesn't know what she's talking about".

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? NOW, just WHO is providing "misinformation".??

I'll leave the Forum, if I have to --- there are "greener pastures" --- but I think some rather unkind remarks have been addressed to me.

All I ever tried to do, was help, with questions where I thought I could help.

Regards to All: Jim Millen

Re: Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my misinformation?    18:25 on Saturday, October 27, 2007          

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Posted by Flutist06

I will leave it to the others to "vote" if they see fit to do so, but it is important to note that any quotes Jim has attributed to me have been abridged as he saw fit, taken out of context, flat-out made up, or otherwise altered to twist my words to suit his ends. I will say no more here, but please do not misunderstand me...I would never seek to disparage flute players in general, and what Jim would have you believe is my viewpoint is nothing near my actual beliefs or feelings.

Re: Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my misinformation?    19:14 on Saturday, October 27, 2007          

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Chris's position is that I "made up", "took out of context", and, in general "mis-quoted him".

Excuse me?

I still have his original post to me --- and he DID say just what I said he did.

He apears to have nothing more than a controversial intent to his agenda (self-serving?).

I have told him on numerous occasions that "I bow to his remarkable knowledge of flute construction" --- yet, this compliment apparently fell on "deaf ears", was totally disregarded, and means nothing to him. What an ***** !

NOW, WHO is bombastic, pontificating, and providing "misinformation"? MY OPINIONS or Chris's DICTUMS?

I've never offered anything I said as anything more than "opinion". I'm afraid that Chris goes FAR BEYOND opinion.

Forum Members, you be the judge(s). Should I be allowed to post my OPINIONS (just as YOU are) --- or should Chris remain, unchallenged as "Principal Flutist"?

Thanks. Jim Millen

Re: Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my misinformation?    19:21 on Saturday, October 27, 2007          

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Posted by Bilbo


I don't want to get into the middle of this but since you actually asked for opinions here, It is my opinion that your posts seem a tad arrogant but they have livened things up around here with the introduction of some interesting threads.

I base my comment on a few factors.

1) There have been a few posts that probably should have been a continuation of a previous thread but you seem to want to post where your getting the most of the top of the list spotlight. You may write your words in a way that appear as if you really don't want to discuss or even encourage other's opinions so much as only offer your views.

A brand new thread.....
"Final remarks on Teachers"
My final comment on Teachers, before we put this to rest: .........

Noted though that in that thread, it was actually not your final comment.

or another brand new thread...."Here is my final argument on French model flutes vs Plateau:"

One thing that you might want to understand is that several of the people here will frequent a few of the music forums and we may have a more discussed viewpoint (for lack of a better term) on these topics. So to them you are coming into the discussion with what they may see as a limited view. Something like making the decleration that "Pearl is the only brand flute worth buying." Not that you wrote that at any point but just as an example.

2) Sometimes your wording appears to be a bit arrogant as in the examples of titles above. Personally, I've been playing for 43 years and I have very few final statements to make. Maybe on my death bed I might but right now I consider music to be a flexible discipline where I need to be open to other's opinions (including yours) and methods.

I think that you also need to understand that the people aren't so much a tight clique so much as we are familiar with each other and this has basically been going on for a few years. We have also had a few issues with arrogant people or with trolls and we may appear a tad sensitive to this in our conversations because we are trying to protect this particular internet community from blowing apart.

On the other hand, I find your comments interesting and entertaining to read as they do mention some great players & their opinions on occasion. But be aware that not everybody is going to believe everything that is said about these topics as absolute truth or as the only way to do something. As a matter of fact, I tend to shy away lately where these great gurus say something like flue players should never plug their holes or they should never do this or don't ever do that. I would have to say that many (if not all) of the concepts about playing that I set into stone when I was younger have been altered with time and experience.

I honestly ope that this helps.
N.E. Ohio

Re: Let`s vote: should I leave this forum with my misinformation?    05:09 on Sunday, October 28, 2007          

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Posted by jose_luis

Sorry I did not read this thread before posting my opinions about voting or any kind of polls.
It ss another example of my posting back too fast.
I have done this in the other thread where Jim says he is leaving. If anybody is interested, please read them there.


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