Need Help

Need Help

Need Help    22:37 on Monday, August 18, 2003          
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Hi, I`m trying to learn the flute by myself and I have been practicing for about a month now

I am able to play simple melodies such as mary had a little lamb and such (hehe) and the notes are loud and clear.

when I blow through the flute though, you can hear this awkward "blowing" sound. Basically when you hear this sound, you can tell that I am blowing at something.

Is this sound supposed to be there, and the notes are supposed to drown out ur blowing? Or Am I doing something wrong?

I`ve tried not blowing as hard; tried blowing harder; while blowing used "tu; while blowing, not use tu, but just blow at it;

Nut I can still hear myself blowing through the flutehole

Any advice would be appriciated. Thanks =)

Re: Need Help    17:05 on Tuesday, August 19, 2003          
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um i had that when i started u just have to get used to it also try tightining ur lips


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