Finding it hard!!!!

Finding it hard!!!!

Finding it hard!!!!    12:26 on Saturday, August 23, 2003          
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When I started playing the flute, my teacher thought that I was a natural, I really loved playing it, but I also play the piano, recently I`ve been finding that my flute playing is going down hill, I`ve missed loadsa lessons and I can`t remember which pieces we were playing! My friend has given up the flute, but I don`t want 2, even though recently I`ve been having difficulties, what should I do and how do I explain 2 my teach why I wasn`t in the lessons, should I make up an excuse or tell the truth?

Re: Finding it hard!!!!    12:34 on Saturday, August 23, 2003          
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I think you should just slow down for a minute. Talk to your teacher about your difficulties, and just put some extra effort into practicing, take some time out side of lessons to practice. Just find out what youre playing from your instructor. The telling the truth part is up to you, but if you have to lie, make sure its something believeable, very believable!

Re: Finding it hard!!!!    12:36 on Saturday, August 23, 2003          
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Thanks H, that`s good advice!

Re: Finding it hard!!!!    21:34 on Sunday, August 24, 2003          
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I think that must happen for everyone, like the terrible twos or something, because it happened to me too. I guess the reason I didn`t quit was because my parents had just bought me a flute (instead of renting), and it eventually passed. I really don`t know what to say except hang in there!


Re: Finding it hard!!!!    11:40 on Wednesday, August 27, 2003          
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Always tell the truth!! That`s my first advice! Tell your teacher exactly what you told us. She/he may be able to direct or encourage you further in what you should pursue.
My second advice is this. Which do you enjoy more, the flute or piano? Sometimes it is better to become a pro at one thing that to be halfway good at lots of different things. If you really do enjoy flute and think the discouragement is just a passing thing and practicing will help you catch up, stick with it for six months or so and see what you think. I dropped out of band in 9th grade and have always regretted it, some 15 odd years later!

Re: Finding it hard!!!!    00:28 on Thursday, August 28, 2003          
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I think this frustration is pretty much natural, by the way. I`ve learned several instruments, (flute is my main) and I find it happens all the time. When I first start an instrument, I usually do really well. But after awhile, I start to slide. I don`t feel I`m doing as well as I was in the beginning, when in fact I was doing great.

My theory on this is that at first, you can get notes out of it, you can play songs, and it`s cool. But after awhile you become more sensitive to the finer aspects of playing (vibrato, tuning, articulation, half-tones, style, dynamics... there are so many!) that you find fault in what you once thought was terrific playing.

My advice is to just keep it up and work hard. Once you master these aspects of playing, I`m sure you`ll be quite pleased with yourself. I go through stages of feeling I`m a master of the flute and feeling I`ve just begun. I was doing terrific in high school, but I`ve just started college and I`m starting to realize again just how much work I have yet to do and how much I could still improve.


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