Best intermediate flute brands

Best intermediate flute brands

Best intermediate flute brands    16:12 on Saturday, April 12, 2008          

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Posted by irishdancergall

I'm looking to buy an intermediate flute to replace my current 2SP Gemeinhardt. I would like to get a flute with a solid silver head-joint, french keys (open hole), and a low B foot joint. I would really like to find something under $1,000. I've currently found a Gemeinhardt (3SHB) that suits my needs but was wondering if anyone suggest a different brand since I'd really like to look around before I make a choice.

Also, does anyone have an opinion on inline vs. offset G for an internediate player?

Thanks so much!

Re: Best intermediate flute brands    16:55 on Saturday, April 12, 2008          

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Posted by arabians207

Definitely check our the Pearl Quantz (or Dolce, which is a little bit more, around $1,400) and also Yamaha, the 200 series until the 400 are the same, just different amounts of silver which does not make a huge difference. Also possibly Jupiter, but I have never played any flutes from them.

For the inline/offset G, its completely the players preference, it does not affect the sound at all. My old flute had an inline, I was fine with it. My newer one has offset, I like that too, although I think I prefer the offset and most flute players today. It might be hard to find a new flute with inline unless your special order it.

Hope that helps

Re: Best intermediate flute brands    21:48 on Saturday, April 12, 2008          

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Posted by Account Closed

The search button works nicely for what you need to know. These questions are asked almost weekly and not to many people respond anymore because we just end up repeating ourselves.

I will say that I would not get a Gemeinhardt flute. It is what you have already and there is no upgrade. The only difference it will have a solid silver head. If you search the other threads you will find out that it is how it is made, not the material that makes the diffence. Open holes also do not make a difference and are also not an upgrade.


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