Trying out these flutes

Trying out these flutes

Trying out these flutes    19:51 on Saturday, April 19, 2008          


As of now, I am very comfortable with my flute, but in the up coming future I want to start looking for my new flute if I continue*I am kind of obsessed with flutes so curiosity is with all this too.* But anyway I really badly want to trial some flutes, but I am afraid of doing it over the internet, since I do not want something bad happening. And no stores near me have good flutes. I really like Altus flutes although I have never tried one, I have seen all good reviews. Along with the Azumi. I am interested in the
Altus 807RBS, and the Azumi's. Can anyone give me feedback(if any) on the Altus 807RBS.

I also want to try the Brio! just to build up my own opinions. Flutes like Pearl I kind of don't like, since I have played on a few, well tried, and I really do not like their headjoints(very airy for me) but still would like to try the Elegante model. Any feedback/info?

That's about it thanks.

Re: Trying out these flutes    21:16 on Saturday, April 19, 2008          

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Posted by msiscrm

A couple of months ago I purchased an Altus 807. I really love it! It is a base model, C foot, closed hole, and was a demo. But I got it for a good price ($900)
I only play in church, and was coming off years of playing a Gemeinhardt 3SHB. I don't know if it's the ease of going back to a closed hole, off set G, or the flute, but it has a great tone and projects well. My husband plays drums and, especially during practice when I don't use my mic, says he can hear me (amidst a few trumpets and saxes.)
It took me awhile to get used to it--I seemed to constantly over blow. But I really like the feel of it and the ease of playing.
I recently got a used Dean Yang for back up and practicing (I sold the Gemeinhardt), but I find, even with an offset G, I really don't like open holes. But I practice with it from time to time to insure I can play an open hole. (sounds dumb, but...)

Re: Trying out these flutes    08:44 on Sunday, April 20, 2008          

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Posted by le_koukou


I never tried an Azumi but I bought my Altus 807 one year ago and I love it. Nice tone and great intonation. The key mechanism feels solid and nimble.


It is an open hole, in line G and C foot.

Re: Trying out these flutes    18:22 on Monday, April 21, 2008          

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Posted by arabians207

Which Pearls did you try??

When I was looking for a new flute, I tried out the Pearl Quantz 765 (the all silver) and the sound was incredibly thin for me. At the time I was comparing directly the Yamaha 574 (i think that number)

The other pearl I tried was a Pearl Dolce CODA with a 10k lip with the Forza headjoint. For me the sound is somewhat airy, but I ended up buying that flute because I also bought a Yamaha EC headjoint. I get a wonderful sound with this combination

I'd definitely try the Elegante.

So also try Yamaha (500 and above series though since they have the handcut EC headjoint. They also come with a C# trill, which is why I didn't by the entire Yamaha 574, i wanted the C# trill and D#/roller, although on Pearl the roller doesn't make a huge difference.. Miyazawa places the rollers in a better spot for me)

I ordered my flute from Flute World and it worked great for me because no store around here would order it unless they knew I was going to buy it, and at the time I didn't. The only problem was that one of the trill keys wasn't completely adjusted right, but my local music store adjusted it really quick for free (although that was when they thought we bought it from them.. but it wouldn't have cost much if anything anyway)

Re: Trying out these flutes    20:56 on Monday, April 21, 2008          


I tried the Pearl 665RB. I guess i shouldn't say I don't like them, since I do not have so much experience. But like I said its airy for me and I do not like it in my hands...which is a huge negative for me.
The Yamaha's I would think about trying I just here so many different comments about it, but I should make one of my own.
I still really want to try an Altus so bad. I want to trial some I am just afraid to do it over the internet.

Re: Trying out these flutes    02:18 on Tuesday, April 22, 2008          

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Posted by Account Closed

What about other brands like Powell, Muramatsu, Miyazawa or Brannen, just to name a few? I have tried several Altus flutes, but sound wise for me they just didn't compare to some of the competition. Same thing with Pearl for me. Some sound incredible on them like Rhonda Larson, but I just don't and they are kind of awkward in my hands. Yamaha is also very good, but I don't care for their headjoints much. If you are seriously thinking of looking into a professionally flute then don't limit yourself and expect to pay a lot of cash.

Re: Trying out these flutes    05:11 on Tuesday, April 22, 2008          

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Posted by le_koukou

Kara is right. You may want to try as much flute as possible with an open mind. It might helps to have someone with good hears listening to you.

I was sure at fist that I would by a Sankyo. But after trying several flutes, I finaly choose this Altus 807. I choose it over 4 other Altus 807 and I prefered it over some Altus 907, Sankyo CF201 and Miyazawa PA 202 that were available for trial in my music shop.

Good luck , keep us posted.

Re: Trying out these flutes    11:57 on Wednesday, April 23, 2008          


I was thinking of trying a Miyazawa, I don't know abut Powell, I mean not because i would not one, I'd kill for one, but the prices of the ones I have seen, but I bet if I did some more searching you never know what you can find. Does anyone have any recommendation os Miyazawas? I am looking for a new flute with in the next few years, and getting a lot of experience now with different flutes can't hurt. Also is there other ways to try flutes I want to soooo bad, but I am afraid of doing it. How do you guys do it?


*on Miyazawas

Re: Trying out these flutes    11:57 on Wednesday, April 23, 2008          


sorry for the mistakes....would not want one.

Re: Trying out these flutes    01:43 on Sunday, April 27, 2008          

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Posted by travel2165

You say that you are worried about trying out flutes "over the Internet." But what do you mean by this? Are you concerned about trying out flutes sent to you in a parcel versus trying them out in a music store?

Whatever you find on the Internet, you can certainly then discuss by phone with the owner/shipper/store before the flutes are sent to you for trial. If you're worried about paying a deposit or giving a credit card number on the Internet, you can do it instead by phone if you like.

The Internet seems to be THE place for locating instruments these days -- followed up by email and/or phone for details. It's not really that impersonal!

Re: Trying out these flutes    18:13 on Monday, April 28, 2008          


i would be worried of something happening to the flute, and me having to be responsible for it.

Re: Trying out these flutes    21:33 on Wednesday, May 07, 2008          

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Posted by woof

When you get flutes on a home trial basis from companies like Flute World they are insured when shipped and you insure them when you ship them back- otherwise just be careful of them and you will be OK. It is a great system because you can try several at once and in the different rooms of your house with different acoustic etc. Since you have about a week you can spend much more time with each one than in a store.


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