Decisions to make

Decisions to make

Decisions to make    18:07 on Thursday, July 10, 2008          


Hey, I am primarily a flute player, and I am just about to start 8th grade. Please keep an open mind to help me make the best decision, but for when I get into high school, is Marching Band really worth it? I am trying to make the decision between soccer(which I am a better player, if not for my size) where I can also do other sports, or should I do Marching Band? My future school (I have 2 options) is either going to have a top 10 Marching Band in the Nation for their class, or a State Champion in their class 5 years in a row. I just want to make sure marching band is really worth it before I give up my other loves, soccer and softball. P.S. I am a huge musician, flute,sax,trumpet,drums,guitar,and possibly starting trombone soon.


BTW I'm not even gonna be 5' full height

Re: Decisions to make    18:30 on Thursday, July 10, 2008          

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Posted by Plekto

To be honest, marching band for me was a total waste. I'd have been far better off just sticking with orchestra alone. Doubly so as almost all of the real world's jobs would benefit from orchestral experience and only one that I know of, the various armed forces bands, really are an extension of marching band in high school.

Plus, the walking and the trips and the hours marching around... it's not half the fun that you might think it is.

Oh - and concentrate on one or two instruments only for now. You can't really become great while your mind is split between half a dozen things.(unless you have six personalities that is - heh)

Also, most music schools want you to only focus on one or two as well, primarily because they tend to feel, right or wrong, that anyone who was serious enough to become a professional would have a primary focus. Yes, it's a bit dated thinking, IMO, but that's the way they tend to think.


P.S. Pele was a very short player. Size as an adult has almost nothing to do with ability in soccer. So keep at it if you're good. :)

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Posted by Account Closed

I agree with Plekto. I hate marching band and I also thought is was a huge waste. Who the heck wants to play flute out on a field when no one can hear you anyway? Also there is cold temperature and rain that you have to be out in. While others may love it, it just was not fun for me at all.

Re: Decisions to make    20:45 on Thursday, July 10, 2008          

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Posted by arabians207

I just wanted to add.. that I personally LOVE marching band! I think its very fun, and a challenge at the same time. I march piccolo, and I am going to be a co-section leader this year, and probably next too

I wish everyone in our 200+ person band felt the same way I did.. we'd be SO good! There are only a few like me that enjoy it though.. :P

If you had to give up soccer though (guessing your pretty good at it), I probably wouldn't do marching band. Height in soccer doesn't seem like it'd be a huge deal, like it would be in say, basketball.

If you do plan on majoring in music in college, I'd definitely pick one instrument to focus on. Up to this upcoming year I played both flute and violin (both "competitively".. I am very good at both) but with me planning on majoring in music felt it was very necessary to just pick one. I picked flute! I am actually very excited for the next 2 years in HS with just one instrument to worry about! It will be SO much easier..

Re: Decisions to make    21:44 on Thursday, July 10, 2008          

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Posted by tenorsax13

Had a similar experience, I picked marching band and I'm glad I did. If your going to play multiple instruments, especially if its primarily woodwinds, just stick with woodwinds. Flute, saxophone, clarinet, maybe oboe/bassoon but I think they are bad for your embouchure. I kinda hate brass instruments, so that could partially influence my response.

Re: Decisions to make    03:45 on Friday, July 11, 2008          

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Posted by flauta

My highschool experience would have been ten times worse if I wasn't in the marching band. At the end of Highschool all of my friends were in the marching band and the ones who weren't in the beginning joined. Some of my best memories and leadership training came from being in marching band. Everyone is going to tell you something different. I went on to marching band for a state university that had a HUGE band and I HATED it. It depends on the person you talk to and it also depends on the band itself.

Re: Decisions to make    11:16 on Wednesday, July 16, 2008          


Sorry, I just realized this, I miss-worded the sports situation. A few years ago, I gave up softball for soccer, and if I do Marching Band, I can also do soccer. (P.S. I didn't realize it, but my brother added guitar while I wasn't looking, I don't play it.)

Re: Decisions to make    14:25 on Wednesday, July 16, 2008          

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Posted by Account Closed

so what are you asking then?

Re: Decisions to make    16:02 on Wednesday, July 16, 2008          


Is marching worth it? And is it fun and good for learning... Stuff like that

Re: Decisions to make    07:54 on Thursday, July 17, 2008          


it has been a state champion (florida) for the last 5 years straight in their class, so i'd consider that ok...

Re: Decisions to make    12:00 on Thursday, July 17, 2008          

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Posted by iluvoboe565

i've never really wanted to march... (it's not that great to march oboe, with the weather and stuff, it's bad enough on the reeds and instrument inside, and i dont think theres even a way to march piano:D)

I swim, which I love, so I do that instead of marching band.(Im in junior high, so our school only has a marching band in the summer)

its hard to hear flute in marching... if u really want to march u should march piccolo if possible

so i guess it just depends on you. maybe u could try it one year... i dont know if that would mess things up with soccer, tho. cuz some ppl love it and some ppl hate it.

Re: Decisions to make    19:15 on Thursday, July 17, 2008          

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Posted by tessellation

My high school only had a marching band, so if you wanted to play after 8th grade, you had to march. I left band after 8th grade and took private lessons. I went to high school in Georgia, so the heat there in the summer is pretty bad. I didn't want to go to the summer camps and practices in the heat. I was also not into the festivals and competing. I really wish there had been a concert band that didn't march as I really enjoyed playing with the group. What I will say about our school's marching band is that they were a really tight group. Because they spent so much time together at games and practices, they were a family.


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