Bundy Piccolo??

Bundy Piccolo??

Bundy Piccolo??    11:07 on Saturday, August 16, 2008          


Is a selmer bundy piccolo a good brand? Will it last? I wont be playing it every day just ocassionaly during marching season to be annoying in the stand tunes...LOL
I need something that will at least last and work decently...Im not looking for a very good or expensive instrument though...

Is a bundy piccolo ok?
My other option is an artley piccolo
How do these brands hold up?
Thank you!

Re: Bundy Piccolo??    15:28 on Saturday, August 16, 2008          


I know that there are better piccolos out there however I am on a very tight budget. HI suziE!!!

I had an armstrong piccolo (which i had to sell for my new computer) and my school has a gemeinhardt grenadilla piccolo however we are not allowed to take school piccolos to football games and I wanted my own.
THank you 4 your help

Re: Bundy Piccolo??    12:10 on Monday, August 18, 2008          

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Posted by atoriphile

As long as the piccolo plays well, go for either Bundy or Artley. It will be better than those no-name Chinese imported ones, regardless.

As for marching with a wooden piccolo, as long as the temperature was reasonable (this is Florida, right?) and she was careful with it (didn't drop it), I don't see the problem.

Now, if it were in a place that was cold (less than 65 degrees F) or where fast temperature changes occured (e.g., air conditioned indoors to 90 plus degrees outdoors), then I would see a problem.

Re: Bundy Piccolo??    12:47 on Tuesday, August 19, 2008          


im from the rio grande valley

Re: Bundy Piccolo??    17:18 on Thursday, August 21, 2008          

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Posted by jmonroe

Please avoid the Bundy and Artley piccolos! They might sound okay, but they must be older, and the mechanism will not hold up...if they seem to work properly now! Pearl makes a resin composite piccolo that would be okay for marching and it is around $995.


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