any Irish players?

any Irish players?

any Irish players?    10:05 on Monday, November 24, 2008          

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Posted by river

okay, so i finally have a flute teacher and i can stop bothering you lot with my questions ;-)

but now I have a different question, just out of curiosity: does anyone here play Irish traditional music on the Boehm flute?

see, i was torn between a "classical" (simple system) flute and a Boehm flute. of course, the vast majority of ITM is played on the wooden (or plastic) simple system flute, but it seems to me that the "proper" sound for this music depends more on the player than the instrument. indeed, there are several excellent ITM musicians who play the Boehm flute, but it's still looked down on by some ITM players.

in the end, of course, i chose the Boehm flute, mainly because i'd rather learn a chromatic instrument; i don't want to be restricted to playing only in one key (even if 95% of what i play is in D ;-).

but now i'm curious: are there any ITM players here? if so, do you play it on a simple system or Boehm flute? do you wish you'd learnt one or the other instead, or are you planning to?

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Hi.. I am mainly a classical flutist who plays Boehm flute but this past summer I went to a ITM festival/workshop and bought a wooden simple system flute and have been playing ITM on that. The keys of G and D major (plus the minor scales and modes that have 1 or 2 sharps) are quite easy. I love wooden flute and silver flute

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Posted by Plekto

I play both. Well, I have a wooden headjoint for my metal body flute.

I also have a Hall crystal flute. This is very inexpensive and gorgeous sounding. Get one in D(heh) and enjoy - a cheap way to get into folk music and still retain that "organic" sound at the same time.

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Posted by Patrick

I play irish music whenever I can, my new CD has Welsh music on it, but has the same is some of the funnest music to play ever..

Re: any Irish players?    15:00 on Monday, November 24, 2008          

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Posted by OboeNightmare

I don't play Boehm flute, but do enjoy a fast jig now and again on my pennywhistle. I love listening to Irish music too!

Re: any Irish players?    22:27 on Monday, November 24, 2008          

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Posted by Bilbo

Glad that you have a can still ask is all questions.

I like folk music. Irish music is pretty and fun to play.

I don't have an Irish flute though. Just a Bigio Baroque 1 key flute and some Boehms. I need to get that Traversoout....


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