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Re: Gemeinhardt Flutes

Re: Gemeinhardt Flutes    22:59 on Thursday, April 02, 2009          

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I can't believe anyone of us our actually debating this. It is so obvious that this was a set up. I am with Mbrowne on everything. I don't think that she is being snobbish at all, just honest. She obviously has the training from college and would know what to expect. Even this hoax of a post brought up a funny debate though, if I do say so myself. Not everyone can afford a handmade flute, so what better way to compensate for it and say that their X brand is superior to others. It will always be an endless cycle. We clearly are going to favor the brand that we play on. Don't worry, I am willing to bet that most people can't REALLY afford a handmade flute either that may even have one. So don't feel bad. Have you taken a look at the prices lately? It is crazy!!

So, to the original poster (where ever they may be) I am glad that you like your Gemeinhardt, it is a fine instrument for a high school student as yourself. Don't take offense. We weren't all born yesterday.

Re: Gemeinhardt Flutes    14:16 on Friday, April 03, 2009          

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Posted by Plekto

While Gemeinhardts from the 50s and 60s might have produced some gems, I know exactly how bad they were in the 80s and 90s, since my first flute was a early 80s Gemeinhardt. The replacement Yamaha I got a decade later was worlds better. No contest, not even close. One worked OK. The other was a proper tool. No, not the BEST, but certainly adequate for any reasonable task. Yamaha actually is an instrument company, after all, and each few years does result in small improvements. Gemeinhardt in the 80s was identical to Yamaha in quality. But time stood still while Yamaha took full advantage of the revolution that was happening in computers, automation and tooling, and analysis.

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Posted by TBFlute

If Gemeinhardt produces flutes of vastly differing quality that are supposedly the same model, it would seem that they have some serious quality control issues.

Re: Gemeinhardt Flutes    23:15 on Friday, April 03, 2009          

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Micron, I'm sorry but I'm not going to debate this with you any longer. It's obvious that you have taken whatever I have said out of context to fit whatever it is that you would like to argue.
And yes, I would take the "does not go" instrument. I am more likely to produce a better tone on it and will likely not develop problems. Besides, you can fix adjustments. You can't fix plain old crap.
If you would like to debate facts, feel free to message me. I would be happy to discuss

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Many people have the misconception of new=better. A new Gemeinhardt is more expensive than a gently used Yamaha (or Pearl even, whom I think makes a fine student model) in my research. This is kind of like the whole solid silver vs. silver plating.
Old Gemeinhardts are fine instruments. Never denied that. Newer Gemeinhardts are not. Please read my posts.
Oh, by the way, you also took my words out of context yet AGAIN. I said I would much rather discuss this in a private message.
Please read before "quoting" me.

Re: Gemeinhardt Flutes    18:31 on Saturday, April 04, 2009          

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Posted by tenorsax13

um...the original poster of this topic hasnt even posted again, the argument exists only between all of you guys. I personally think gemeinhardts aren't worth playing(had a 3sh, I hated it). I like Miyazawa, Powell, Burkart, and Pearl. :]


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