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Posted by emy47

i am going into high school marching band and need a piccolo. i like gemienhart's but i want people to tell me what a good starter piccolo would be. I have had lessons on the piccolo for the past 2 summers then i was using my friends piccolo but she goes to college this fall. also if anyone knows of a good place to get them second hand but not really expensively i would be grateful. Thanks!!


Also the place i was asking about for an instrument would have to be quite near San Diego.

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Posted by Canadian

Some members of the forums sell used flutes/piccolos here. I'm not sure, but you can message Kara or Suzie on this forum. They always have nice flutes! =]

Also, Alieannie from this forum sells used flutes at The Flute Market. Message either of these people for further knowledge.

As for brands, some people like Gemeinhardts some don't. Some people like Yamaha's and some don't. I like Yamahas myself, but that's just me.

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Posted by emy47


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Posted by Tibbiecow

A used Gemeinhardt or Yamaha should work just fine for an inexpensive marching piccolo.

IF you have a good technician who can look something over on a trial period, you might try usedflutes.com


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