Headjoints Trials =D

Headjoints Trials =D

Headjoints Trials =D    03:28 on Monday, June 01, 2009          

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Posted by WingsRS

Hey all,

a few weeks ago I posted about getting some headjoints up to try. WELL... I finally got to try some today. I had:

1. John Lehner sterling silver, 9k gold riser #313 ($AU630)
2. John Lehner sterling silver, 9k gold riser #669 ($AU650)
3. John Lehner Omega sterling silver, 9k gold lip and riser # 8187 with slight wave ($AU1800)
4. Dana Sheridan sterling silver ($AU2000)

I loved the Sheridan headjoint but it's so expensive...well out of my price range. I also really liked the second John Lehner. Any ideas for anything else to try?


Re: Headjoints Trials =D    04:38 on Monday, June 01, 2009          

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Posted by WingsRS

I didn't like the first Lehner because it sounded too thin...much like the Lehner headjoint my teacher's teacher lent me.

The second Lehner just seemed to work for me though. It was beautifully rich down in the low notes and sang sweetly in the top notes and had a very smooth, even response. It also felt a lot heavier than the first Lehner, if that has anything to do with sound. It was also quite resistant...like it let me push the notes out so I could project. I tried playing the Telemann Fantasies and found the headjoint could jump octaves quite well. I tried the Bozza Image and loved the tonal colours I was getting. I also tried the Flight of the Bumblebee... I know it's a bad piece to be 'trialling' headjoints on but meh... and it didn't have that breathiness I usually associate with playing fast :P I think

The third Lehner, the Omega style...well this one was problematic. First was the price tag. And even though it had a solid gold lip plate and riser, the sound wasn't even comparable to the previous Lehner. Something about waves...they don't seem to work for me. It did have a nice lower register low, but the top notes were too covered up for my taste.

The Dana Sheridan: I love it, but I could never justify the price tag unless I was going to make money out of my flute. It had a depth of sound, similar to the second Lehner, but more refined. I really wish I could have played on it more because I didn't have a chance to find the centre of it's tone. I'm sure that if I did, it would have left the Lehner's somewhere a few hundred dollars behind :P But for me today, the sound on the Sheridan was just a bit too unclear. Unfocused maybe... If I anyone could justify an extra $AU1400, or help me find a cheaper Sheridan headjoint, omg I would really consider a

Shame the second Lehner, the one I completely adore, didnt' fit on my flute. Everything was almost a semitone, if not more, flat. But it gave an idea of how much difference the headjoint could make on a flute's sound.

haha, i don't know if any of that made sense or if it was just a heap or random ramble but I found it quite enjoyable...headjoint shopping. Hope I don't get addicted like some people on this forum :P Kara *cough*

Re: Headjoints Trials =D    14:40 on Tuesday, June 02, 2009          

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Posted by Zevang

Have you tried the "Tsubasa" headjoint from Muramatsu? What about it?


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