A -rare- jewel

A -rare- jewel

A -rare- jewel    06:49 on Wednesday, September 30, 2009          

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Posted by jose_luis

I have just received an original cassette with a recording of Jean Pierre Rampal playing Telemann's 12 fantasias for Flute. It was recorded by Nippon Columbia 1n 1973. His playing in this opportunity is incredibly good, while keeping the spirit of the pieces, at least as I think they should be.

A rare jewel indeed. I did not what I was buying and the vendor probably did not know what he was selling. Anyway, I appreciate this recording so much that I think it has fallen in the right hands.

I know it is sometimes reccomended not to collect versions by different artists when studying a piece, but I could not resist.

I have for the moment the versions by B. Kuijken (did not like it much), his disciple Claire Guimond (beautiful version), Patrick Gallois and now, JP Rampal. Wish I had Galway's if he recorded them (would be surprising if he didn't). But in general old versions are difficult to find. If somebody knows where I could buy versions by J. Galways and also by Paula Robinson (I know there is a recording by her), please let me now. Thanks


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