Japanese Bamboo Flute - Real fingering chart

Japanese Bamboo Flute - Real fingering chart

Japanese Bamboo Flute - Real fingering chart    18:34 on Friday, April 23, 2010          

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Posted by flautose


recently I've build a Bamboo Shakuhachi (using PVC and Bamboo tutorial over the net) and I' really happy with its sound and tuning, but now I have to use and so build Japanese traverse flute (fue/ shinobue). I've found some tutorials over the web:




but 3 different sites tell me that shinobue in key of C is tuned in different note! 3 different notes in the tsutsune position (all holes covered). One tells me that this should be A4, the other one Bb3 and the other one Bb2 and Bb3 at the same time!. I didn't know any flute that skip so much octaves like this on the first note!

So, this is the first question, which of the following fingering charts should I follow?

1) http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~DL1S-YMGC/fuku-e.htm#second

2) http://forums.collegiatetaiko.org/viewtopic.php?p=138&sid=b317fed34286a34142b5a75b825d5e5f

3) http://www.taiko-center.co.jp/english/shinobue_fingering_charts.html

then, I couldn't understand really well the drawings of asahi.net tutorial, cause it's a drawing with the length of 430mm an 19mm of eternal diameter and 17mm for internal diameter and right after this another measurements with the length of 427mm and 18mm for eternal diameter and 11mm for internal diameter! Is that an extra part that i supposed to go inside the bamboo with a smaller diameter?

Then, does shinobue is supposed to use an extra cork together with the bamboo on the mouthpiece node or just a cork well fit inside? What's that bondo (bondo in Japanese) they are telling me about, is that the node?

I've posted it on 8notes cause I couldn't find any answers and found only one lazy flute Luthiery forum! If you do know some or someone that could help me over this, please let me know about it!

Also, I think that anyone that owns a Shinobue could answer me most of those questions.

Really sorry if that was the wrong section but this seemed to me the correct one to ask about. Sorry for my bad English as always, and thanks in advance.

Re: Japanese Bamboo Flute - Real fingering chart    09:25 on Monday, April 26, 2010          

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Posted by flautose


it did help for building a flute with the low flute as A but Kymarto gave me the right instructions (and concluded what I thought would be it). As for the the higher notes I can deduce them with those fingering charts, since as soon as I tune the first octave and some harmonics of the second everything goes to the right place! No, I did not used any translation program, I just not that good of a writer...

Really thanks for the help!


*it did help for building an A flute
*I'm just not that good of a writer...


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