Cleaning flute...

Cleaning flute...

Cleaning flute...    15:30 on Sunday, December 12, 2010          

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Posted by karinabina7

So, I've been using a padsaver to clean my flute. My stupid mistake, I didn't realize that you're supposed to leave them in the flute for a while. I just put it in, then take it out. Is that a safe alternative to using a tuning rod with a cloth in it cleaning? Or is this a not-so-good habit? Also, what would you use to clean the mouthpiece? And how should I go about cleaning the joints and part of my flute?

Re: Cleaning flute...    20:21 on Sunday, December 12, 2010          

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Posted by goldenflute

I think those padsavers are controversial. Some people say they actually hold in the moisture and destroy the pads. I usually use a lint free cloth, clean the inside really well and put my flute away with nothing inside them. I've treated all of my flutes this way throughout the years. I still have my Armstrong flute I purchased brand new in 1975 that still looks and plays well. So that might say something about my cleaning technique!

Re: Cleaning flute...    22:36 on Sunday, December 12, 2010          

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Posted by cflutist

I've read about the controversy concerning Padsavers as well. Some say that they should not be used ... period. Others say its okay to store a DRY one in the bore after you've swabbed out the body with a cloth and cleaning rod.

I use alcohol to clean the lip plate, tenons (on the HJ and body) and the sockets(on the body and foot joint).

Re: Cleaning flute...    05:38 on Monday, December 13, 2010          
Re: Cleaning flute...    06:39 on Monday, December 13, 2010          

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Posted by Bilbo

Think about this, What about a pad-saver is actually cleaning a flute?
Since cleaning should involve removing dirt and impurities, what are you really removing from the flute and the pad saver when you use this thing?
After shoving one into your flute for a few years with out cleaning anything imagine what will be on it..and in your bore.
A cotton handkerchief that has been hemmed and the cleaning/tuning rod works well IF you wash the handkerchief occasionally and you don't store it inside the case.
I use a damp cloth to clean the joint areas until they slide and don't "kick" when they are moved.
For the Embouchure hole, one can use a cotton swab but this is a very sensitive part of the flute that can be messed up as far as tone quality goes.

I'd suggest for younger players to stay away from cleaning the lint and dust bunnies from the areas around the rods and keys. They can mess up the pads and springs trying to clean that stuff. I'd also suggest to young players: Don't oil your flute, Don't use a screwdriver on it, Don't touch or poke the pads or polish around them with a polishing cloth. Don't bother buying the "Maintenance kits" They are sold to increase music store income and often have things like cork grease, oil and screwdrivers. Generally most students and their parents don't have the know-how or the equipment to do these things in this paragraph. These things are best done by repair technicians and most times if they try to do them at home it will cost more for the repair technician to fix what they end up doing.

Re: Cleaning flute...    07:59 on Monday, December 13, 2010          

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Posted by Kshel

Amen, Bilbo. I am always shocked to see flutists using cork grease to get their flute put together.

Re: Cleaning flute...    08:48 on Monday, December 13, 2010          

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Posted by contra448

I'm with you there 100% Bilbo & Kshel.

Re: Cleaning flute...    18:19 on Tuesday, December 14, 2010          

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Posted by karinabina7

I was just asking....The head joint is my main concern.

Re: Cleaning flute...    10:35 on Wednesday, December 15, 2010          

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Posted by Pyface

I think padsavers may work as well as a cloth and rod if you just run it through, but if you leave it in afterwards, you're basically condemning the flute. My teacher agreed.
As for the lip plate, I got a 'silk-weave micro cloth' with my flute and it works very well. Or if you just use a damp cloth, then quickly dry the area with a dry cloth, that works well on all of the body and keys.


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