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Posted by emy47

So I know that people who are not used used to practicing a lot get back pains and stuff but I think mine is something slightly more crazy. So I had a blister on my hand from field hockey, which happened to be right where i rest my flute. (this is my left hand) I had an audition in 2 days and I was practicing but it was hurting too mcuh to play so being the creative and sometimes stupid person that I am I decided that if I presss on it harder it would not hurt. And amazingly it did not but then I pressed too hard for too long and my ligament is torn in the first finger of my left hand. I did not play for a week but as I have a test this week I decided it would be a good idea to pracice some. It seemed fine but I did not even make it half way throuhg the exposition of Mozarts Concerto in G movement 1 when the underside of my lower arm started to go numb. After practing for a bit more the bisep in my upper also started to hurt, then pull, then go numb. I cannot miss this test.

So long story short, I was particullarly stupid and now am a little bit unsure what to do. I know I cannot miss this test but I do not know how long my arm will last. Does anyone have any suggestions as to stretches or anything else that might help stop the numbness?

Thanks, I feel really foolish but yeah.....

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Posted by contra448

You need medical advice as soon as possible & don't do any playing until your doctor gives the OK. The longer you carry on with these problems the longer they will take to go away.

Good luck.

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Posted by travel2165

What possible "test" or audition could be so important that you have deliberately injured yourself much more seriously than your original field hockey blister?

You will have to get immediate medical advice and treatment. You will also have to admit to yourself that you will be unable to take this "test."

Which is more important to you?

--Passing this test
--A permanent injury that might mean never playing flute again


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