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Posted by shelobfirexx

Hi, ive just done my grade 5 on a batterd YFL 221S, which needs repairing. Instead of repairing it, i wanted to upgrade it, maybe to something that would get me to diploma, I will go on to uni studying musical performance in flute or summin like that, i want to be in a professional orchestra. i was thinking something like azumi 2000, YFL 381 or Pearl PF665 Quantz or something like that. i dont want to spend $2000/1200. i might get a better flute, but second hand, and ideas would be great.

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Posted by SoundersFan

At your price point I'd say you would probably get the most bang for your buck with a used flute. If you don't want to go the used route other flute ideas for under 2,000 USD/ 1200 GBP are the Avanti AV1000; Amadeus AF 600; Lyric LA-1; Di Zhao, 400, 500, and 600; Sonare 501, 505, and 605; Jupiter 611 and 711. Another option would be to fix up your current Yamaha and upgrade your headjoint. Be sure to try out a lot of different flutes and see what works best for you as personal preference plays a huge part in the buying process.

Good luck and happy flute hunting!

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Posted by Trombi

A Yamaha can be much better with a new headjoint but you have to try out which one suits you best.
I was stupid and bought a Miyazawa but today my Yamaha 311 with a Sankyo headjoint is much better.


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