Re: Rental flute is horrible...

Re: Rental flute is horrible...

Re: Rental flute is horrible...    17:40 on Tuesday, February 14, 2012          

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Posted by daveca5150

I'm sure the original poster has remedied their situation by now. In case someone else runs across this post later, I thought I would give some additional information to help. Any time you are getting a flute, whether renting or purchasing, make sure you play test it extensively before you leave the store. Also, check to see if the flute fits properly in it's case. I've seen flutes (especially rentals) stuffed into incorrect cases, which of course leads to bent keys and misalignment.

Most issues with woodwinds, assuming their pads are in good shape, can be fixed with very quick, minor adjustments. Most stores can do those on the spot before you take it home. I do these kinds of adjustments for my students all the time, which saves them time and money and it keeps them playing and practicing, win-win

Re: Rental flute is horrible...    14:11 on Sunday, February 26, 2012          

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Posted by fluteplayer765

I have fixed my situation and got a gold division rating on my solo. Thank you for your responses. (Someone: there is no reason to be rude. I was just asking a question. And FYI the music store is all the way across town from my home, I dont have the kind of money to go there all the time.)


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