Sonata for Flute by Paul Hindemith

Sonata for Flute by Paul Hindemith

Sonata for Flute by Paul Hindemith    11:20 on Wednesday, January 25, 2012          

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Posted by Rossnation

My daughter is a flute player and has been working on the Sonata for Flute by Hindemith. She has a lesson in a few hours and misplaced the piano portion. Her flute teacher won't let her through the door with out it. We have torn apart the house looking for it to no avail. I just ordered another copy but it will take a week for it to arrive. I was unable to find a place to purchase it where it was available to download. I am somewhat desperate for either a link to buy a downloadable copy, or if someone would be generous enough to email me a copy I would be extremely grateful!

Re: Sonata for Flute by Paul Hindemith    13:05 on Thursday, January 26, 2012          

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Posted by someone337

I am sorry that your daughter lost the music, but you are asking (on a public forum) for someone to break the law. You are an adult, you should be aware of this.


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