Trevor James flutes

Trevor James flutes

Trevor James flutes    12:24 on Saturday, February 04, 2012          

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Posted by DMI2012

I have been reading that a lot of people don't like Trevor James flutes, but can't find out why. Is it a quality issue, or that there are better things out there? I recently tried several flutes at a local music store, and that was the one I liked the best. It felt the best in my hands, and I sounded the best on it. If they are disliked only for sound I will go with that one, but if they are known for mechanical issues/needing a lot of work, I will pick something else.

Re: Trevor James flutes    19:32 on Sunday, February 19, 2012          

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Posted by fluteplayer765

I don't like Trevor James flutes because of the tone quality I PERSONALLY get with them. I know some people that think they're wonderful.

Re: Trevor James flutes    05:40 on Monday, February 20, 2012          

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Posted by Tonehole

They're very popular flutes - because they are good, when they are new, or well-serviced. There are so many types too.
They have a good range of embouchure styles - I like the Virtuoso and Recital models, and I'm hard pressed to tell the difference between these and more expensive Japanese brands. They're great value, and since the body is solid silver, you can change the headjoint later.

The cheaper student models can be very hard on the ears in the third octave. Most student models are, maybe not the Yamaha 211/411 though they are for students with trust funds. I'd rather buy a better intermediate TJ flute than a high-end pricey student one.


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