Pearl Quants 505RBE?

Pearl Quants 505RBE?

Pearl Quants 505RBE?    23:41 on Friday, March 23, 2012          

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Posted by sincerelyjenna

your opinion?(:

Re: Pearl Quants 505RBE?    20:55 on Sunday, March 25, 2012          

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Posted by musicman_944

Pearl makes very nice flutes. I have owned and played a lot of different flutes. I have a Pearl 501 that I use as a backup flute and it plays almost as well as a lot of more expensive flutes. The Pearl 505RBE would be a good choice, however, you owe it to yourself to try some other flutes too. Flutes are like shoes - You have to buy something that fits you!

Good luck in your search.


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