Parent Trouble

Parent Trouble

Parent Trouble    17:58 on Saturday, November 8, 2003          
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I don`t expect any of you to respond to this, so don`t feel as if you have to.
For all teen flutists out there, do you have a parent who wants you to become a musician, when you secretly want to be something else?
Personally, I see the flute as a way to spend my time. I want to play the piano, but my parents wont here of it, Im learning to play the piano and I feel im really good, should i tell them?

Re: Parent Trouble    18:04 on Saturday, November 8, 2003          
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I have the same problem, except I want to play flute, and I play the crappy viola. Ne way, good luck.

Re: Parent Trouble    18:00 on Sunday, November 9, 2003          
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I dont know the details of your relationship with your parents, but I think that whatever you decide to do with your life your parents should be happy for you. You should just sit and talk with them about it, dont raise your voice, and tell them the truth. If you dont want to be a musician YOU DONT HAVE TO BE. and remember that eventually youll be running your life, and youll want to do what makes you feel good, wether your parents like it or not.

Re: Parent Trouble    18:33 on Tuesday, November 11, 2003          
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My dad allways whants to play my flute he never lets me play
like erhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Re: Parent Trouble    20:28 on Tuesday, November 11, 2003          
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You guys are so lucky that your parents let you play any music instruments. My parents won`t even let play music professionally!

Re: Parent Trouble    18:46 on Saturday, November 15, 2003          
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Try and explain it to them. Or, perhaps you can play both? I play the Flute and the piano. On the weekdays I play the flute in the school band, and on weekends I play the piano for fun.Plus, when you get old enough to make your own decision you can dump the flute. But don`t dump the flute until you know for sure that you want to play the piano all the time!

Re: Parent Trouble    19:07 on Saturday, November 15, 2003          
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errr so your so saying that your parents only want yuou to learn flute.. thats wierd. Im feeling very excited about learning the guitar soon and im 12.

Re: Parent Trouble    21:08 on Wednesday, November 26, 2003          
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I`m probably not much help, because my parents are super-supportive of my music.

Anyhow, I sort of have the opposite problem: my parents probably don`t want me to do music (there`s not enough opportunities for a flute player, or something), but they`re willing to let me do it if I want to.

What it really comes down to, though, is what do YOU want to do? If your parents won`t pay for you to go to law school, do really well, apply for all the scholarships you can, and get a summer job. If they don`t support you, and you want to do it badly enough, they can`t stop you, they may even change their minds and support you when they see how dedicated you are.

Mind you, this is NOT good advice if your parents are the disowning type.

Good luck,

Re: Parent Trouble    14:43 on Sunday, November 30, 2003          
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Don`t wait too long to do so cause then you will make the mistake as many of us has done in the past making that famous quote (I wish that I had done it a long time ago.) Advise, just make them aware of your interests and goals that way they will understand that this is what you really want to do. A lot of students start off on instruments not by thier own choice but by what the music teachers and parnest feel that is best for you but they do not realize that what may best for you at that time may not be what you feel deep inside. So, hang on to your feelings and it will guide you through the correct path. I started out on Trumpet cause boys didn`t play flute it was not heard of I talk with my parnets about it and said that my heart is set on playing the flute cause of the sound it produced and the overal look of it. So, I did play flute and got really good at it. So, from me to you keep pushing towards your feeling on what you want to do it will happen.

Re: Parent Trouble    15:01 on Sunday, November 30, 2003          
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OK, well if what you`re saying is that you`d rather be a professional musician as a pianist than a flautist, I am with your parents. If you`re just now beginning piano (I don`t know how old you are, but obviously young enough to resort to a forum full of people that don`t know you or your parents)it would be pretty tough for you. In order to make a living as a professional pianist, you have to be like extremely awesome. To make a living as a flautist, you still have to be pretty awesome, but there are more jobs, there are more than one spot for flautists in orchestras and overall more options for flautists. And let me tell you that if I was practicing piano as a secret little hobby, I would never even think of majoring in it, or pursuing it as a career. Just think about it. But talk it over with your parents. If you aren`t that good at flute, you could present that point to them. Just come up with a whole list of reasons why piano is so much cooler than flute. Show them what you can do on piano, and maybe they`ll let you pursue it the right way, with teachers and regular practice. That`s what I`d do. And if they don`t let you, say, "you know what, I`m going to play piano anyway, because that`s what I love." My parents cancelled all of my lessons on piano, and here I am, teaching myself Rachmaninoff preludes. It`s great. Anyway, good luck.

Re: Parent Trouble    16:08 on Sunday, November 30, 2003          
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I`d have to disagree with it being easier to become a professional flutist than a professional pianist. There are ALWAYS more pianists around than flutists. . . otherwise how would the flutists find accompaniments (along with all of the other instruments)? Only .05% of flutists who graduate with a degree in performance are employed FULL TIME as a performer. On the other hand, there may be more competition with pianists, as it seems almost everybody and their mother plays (excluding myself.) It`s hard no matter what instrument you choose. If you choose based on the odds, the odds will NEVER be in your favor. Choose an instrument because you love to play it.

Re: Parent Trouble    20:44 on Wednesday, December 10, 2003          
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Mine are always bugging me about being a musician. But you get more pay with teaching English as a second language INTERNATIONALLY and teaching foreign languages to the English. I`ve always been good with languages. Mine know, but THEY WON`T GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE!!! All I wanna do is learn a bunch of languages and they`re ALWAYS asking me if I like my flute teacher and if she`s nice and if I like playing flute and if I know what I`m doing for exams. AND NEITHER OF THEM KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC! OF COURSE I DO! AND I DON`T PLAN ON MAKING ALL MY MONEY BY JUST BLOWING IN A TUBE! As much as it is fun, it`s not what I want to do. I got pretty put off when my music teacher died, then I was forced to sing crap songs (Maw-mi please let us cawn in, maw-mi please let us cawm in togetha hia.(clap clap clap) Togetha hia,(clap clap clap) hia o hia,(clap clap clap) togetha hia,(clap clap clap) hia o ohoh oh oh) and then we got another teacher who formed Sad Band 1 and Sad Band 2. I hope it gets better in high school, but I am in a pretty good flute choir that plays Nutcracker songs as opposed to We Wish You A Merry Christmas from Sad Band 1 and Holly Jolly Christmas from Sad Band 2. I also play piano very good, but I don`t want to make my money by banging on that thing all day either. There is a whole world out there that could do very well with being bilingual, but that doesn`t mean I can`t blow into a tube or bang on a piano if I want to.

And do any of you believe in reincarnation? I did past life regression and I got Beethoven`s life out of it. And if you don`t believe me, how come the Moonlight Sonata was so familiar to me that I could tap out the fingerings and was able to play Fur Elise so easily? And I remember throwing these huge freakin horns because they were hurting my ears and making me deafer. And I also never really liked the metronome. Neither did Beethoven. I also remembered being a French soldier who battled for Canada, which is why I`m Canadian and I know realized that in each of them, I did something good for the world. I already played music and fought for my present country, now I think I should do something else. As a soldier I remember being good at the fife, which is the reason why I play flute. And remember Beethoven`s legless piano? It explains my crazy ideas, which always work. The piano sure did. And if you still think I`m full of crap, would you believe anyone else? Someone else would be lying though, because I was Beethoven. I could even feel the crazy hair on my cheeks during the regression. My hair wasn`t out of place, even though it usually is. Anyway, someone has to be him, otherwise everyone would know about his ghost. You know how Lincoln`s ghost is seen alot? That`s why there haven`t been any good presidents of the U.S. since Lincoln. Hafe you heard any songs that seemed familiar? Maybe you were the composer and you`re in the same bout. Hey... Tambourin... My fav song... When I first heard it... Was I Gossec too? That explains why I don`t want to be a musician... Twice!

Re: Parent Trouble    14:59 on Sunday, December 21, 2003          
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I have the opposite problem. My parents dont support me as a musician and I want to be a professional musician. A little weird, I know, but hey just tell them how you feel when the time is right. They may get upset, but at least they know how you feel.

Re: Parent Trouble    16:05 on Sunday, December 21, 2003          
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bloomin hell LeeLee! you typed an entire essay-like reply to that one question and started going on about reincarnation. wtf!?


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