Flutist + Audition Tapes = Need Help

Flutist + Audition Tapes = Need Help

Flutist + Audition Tapes = Need Help    15:21 on Wednesday, July 25, 2012          

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Posted by flute97

I'm applying for Interlochen Arts Academy, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and UNCSA (high school program). I will be sending in an audition tape on flute. My top choice is Walnut Hill and I feel my chances are pretty decent (my academics are solid as well). I'm worried my audition repertoire is not at a competitive level though for schools this selective. I was just wondering what you auditioned on (if you were accepted) and any tips for this process. Thanks
My current audition program (besides major, minor, and chromatic scales) :
1.Reinecke "Undine Sonata"
2. Paganini "Caprice No. 24" arr. for flute
Walnut Hill-
1.Reinecke "Undine Sonata"
1. Reinecke "Undine Sonata"
2.1st mvmt of Mozart G Major Concerto
PS: I'm about to go into the 10th grade. I am applying to attend one of these schools for 2013-1014 schoolyear.


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