Training wheels for the flute.

Training wheels for the flute.

Training wheels for the flute.    20:46 on Saturday, February 02, 2013          

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Posted by cnowselski

I wanted to share this link to an interesting new device on Kickstarter that helps struggling flute players get a sound. Itís called FlutEase. Iíve been working for two years on this patent pending device. The FlutEase attaches to the head joint of a flute and helps to lock in the position for a young player, while also helping to focus their air stream over the tone hole. There is also a Youtube video of a two year old using this device to get a sound on a head joint.



Re: Training wheels for the flute.    13:04 on Sunday, February 03, 2013          

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Posted by JButky

After watching the video, some technical problems here. Did you say molded rubber? Rubber and Silver is a huge mistake! The harm rubber does to silver and silver plate is really nasty.

Other than that, I have an issue with the player angle change due to the rubber rather than utilizing the player directly on the lip plate. If you could modify for the placement to attach on only the opposite side to maintain the players angle when it is removed, you might have something. A slide on attachment to the opposite side and not made of rubber would be much better.

Joe B


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