Piccolo audition piece.

Piccolo audition piece.

Piccolo audition piece.    19:49 on Friday, March 22, 2013          

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Posted by evflute17

Does anybody know a good audition piece for piccolo. I need something that will get me into my local youth symphony and until now have only played flute standards, and my teacher doesn't play the piccolo regularly. It has to be about the same level as the Bloch Suite Modale, Poulenc Sonata, Mozart concerto/

Re: Piccolo audition piece.    17:26 on Tuesday, April 09, 2013          

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Posted by dianamarbles

Try looking at Liebermann's piccolo concerto (op 51). It's a beautiful piece, and it's probably about that level. How long does your piece need to be? There are certainly more than enough excepts from the entire concerto to choose from.


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