Fake B-Foot

Fake B-Foot

Fake B-Foot    16:02 on Wednesday, March 27, 2013          


I bought a Jupiter diMedici 911 today because my brother accidentally dropped by Yamaha out the window of our 18th floor apartment last week (don't even ask). Well anyway so I tried the Jupiter at the store and it seemed better than some others I tried so I got it. Then I went home and played it and the lowest B didn't come out, when it did on my Yamaha 684. The next day I brought it to my lesson and my teacher couldn't get it to sound either; following this, we went to the music store I got it from just 3 blocks away and we asked the tech guy to get the low B to sound.

I got it back today but the B still doesn't sound. I've never owned a Jupiter before so I don't know their standards. It seemed like a decent flute to temporarily replace the old one. Do I have a fake B-foot? It was one of the things advertised so I feel as if I just got scammed.

Should I sell this(no refunds apparently) and just get a Muramatsu or something? But then I'd be without a flute for awhile because I'm waiting for the flute fair and my band teacher will get annoyed at me. I can't use my dad's old flute because it's in great need of an overhaul. He said it's a good flute - I think it's called a Commercial...can't remember the company's name, got to check. But yeah I'm rambling; should I get another flute or repair my dad's old flute? I don't want to use this Jupiter because the low B doesn't work and the mechanism is so-so and the sound is not as good as my old Yamaha.

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Posted by contra448

Whatever make this is there is no reason why the low B shouldn't work if it is regulated correctly - take it back to the store & create a fuss.


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