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flute books in musicals    21:22 on Sunday, April 14, 2013          

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Posted by jgardner23

hi there. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a list somewhere of all musical theatre scores that use a flute or a flute/piccolo only book. In other words, not musicals with reed books that use several wind instruments, but just musicals that have an exclusively flute or flute/piccolo book. Into the Woods is one example i know. it would be great to have a listing of all of them. thanks!

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Posted by Bilbo

Hi, I have done several musicals throughout about 3 decades (with just flute and picc. and I'd say that finding one with just a flute/picc book is very rare. The ones that I've done always had other reeds in that book. That is not to say that an enterprising flutist can't find something to play during the gig if they're willing to write it out.

One can browse the list here as it shows the instrumentation of many musicals.


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