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Posted by evflute17

Feels like I'm asking a million questions this time of year. So I'm considering auditioning for Peabody, and the audition requires a bach sonata ( the second for me), a peice of my choice ( Will either be Griffes Poem, Quantz in G first movement, or Bloch Modale) and an unacompanied solo. They said to chose music that reflects my taste and ability. I'm considering doing Rhonda Larsons Be Still My Soul for my solo since she is my favorite flutist, and that is my favorite song. Is this a good choice? Does anyone have any additional suggestions?

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Posted by PhilOShite

By all means ask a million questions, as long as you are prepared for 999,999 of them to be unanswered. The only unaccompanied flute music that I am aware of is a Bach suite. Hope that helps.

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Posted by evflute17

I'm planning on doing bach sonata 2 for my audition already. If anyone hasn't heard Rhonda Larson, dear god you haven't truly heard the flute. She's a goddess, right up there with Galway, Pahud, etc and in my own opinion better.

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Posted by m2s86

Here are two pretty good lists:

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Posted by cflutist

Bozza "Image" or Ibert "Piece" are also nice flute alone pieces.

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Posted by Zevang

There is also the Partita in A minor, by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, in three movements.

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Posted by Bilbo

J.S. Bach wrote The "Partita" in A minor for solo flute (BMV 1013)
The use of the term Partita is meant to generally signify a single instrument piece in the nature of a suite but The title of the only surviving 18th-century manuscript for B.W.V. 1013 is "Solo pour une flûte traversière par J. S. Bach".

The Sonata by C.P.E. Bach(the son of J.S. Bach) is
H 562. Flute Sonata in A minor (Wq 132)

Both are excellent flute pieces that should be on any player's repertoire list.


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