Leaky Pad

Leaky Pad

Leaky Pad    16:27 on Sunday, September 22, 2013          

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Posted by AndyMck

The pads on my flute were replaced about a month ago. When I got it back the repairer warned me that sometimes the pads move after they're replaced and after a few weeks leaks can happen. Is this normal? I've gotten a leak on my F# pad that prevents all low notes being played without extreme pressure on the key.

I also have an important audition on tuesday and have had to do an emergency repair involving layers of clingfilm on the pad, is there a better temporary alternative?

Re: Leaky Pad    12:07 on Monday, September 23, 2013          

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Posted by Bilbo

I wish that I could say that leaks can happen at any moment and that they are normal but a good repairman
working on professional flutes would not want this to happen with any professional player's instrument.
Often, a touring flutist would be coming into a town only for a few days for a concert and need a small repair.
They literally can't afford to have their flute go out of adjustment in mid concert.
Unfortunately, student line repair techs are the best that can be obtained in some areas of the globe.
I'd take it back and wait there for the repair.
N.E. Ohio


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