Pearl 505 or 525

Pearl 505 or 525

Pearl 505 or 525    07:38 on Saturday, November 09, 2013          

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Posted by Meigas

I'm back here after nearly a year of flute searching.

I failed to find suitable used flute from my country and since I have pretty low budget, I'm stuck with Yamaha, Trevor James or Pearl. Got to try a few Yamahas and Trevors in local music shop, but didn't like Yamahas and the good Trevors were too fancy and expensive. I plan on going for Pearl, but not one music shop here has them in, so I'm ordering online (with the possibility of sending back if it's absolute !***!).

So basically my question is, does sterling silver lip plate and riser improve tone? Or is it pointless to spend 50 more just to have it?

I'm just going to add that I'm conciously going for student model, because I'm not that serious about flute (even though I've played for 8 years). I'm not looking for anything solid silver, but I can't help but wonder if silver lip plate does it any better.

Re: Pearl 505 or 525    23:47 on Wednesday, November 13, 2013          

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Posted by modernflute

Personally I would try both models for myself and see which I liked better. Sometimes the same headjoint model can be slightly different. If the same model option is available (ex. PH-610J, etc.) in a silver lip and riser as well as not, see if you notice any sort of difference. Personally I have only noticed REAL differences from different embouchure cuts rather than materials (unless you have a metal headjoint with wooden lip is a much different sound). Myself, I would not pay that much extra for a silver lip and riser when the resale value is almost identical between the two models.


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