Headjoint for Muramatsu ST

Headjoint for Muramatsu ST

Headjoint for Muramatsu ST    12:32 on Monday, November 11, 2013          

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Posted by Mywing

Hi all,
I'm new here. I'm from Italy and after my classical studies, from some years I approached jazz music.
Here is my first question here for you.
In anticipation of stopping my Muramatsu ST of the early 80 for a total overhaul and repadding, I purchased a used like new Powell-Sonarč 601 to replace it during the period of absence.
I must admit that the Powell-Sonarč is a worthy replacement of my Mura, I would say that i's a sin to keep it as a reserve instrument ... It has a nice sound, the mechanics is fluid, it is B descending (an option that my Mura does not have) ... I have to say that I'm satisfy of purchase. Ma .. unfortunately the lip-plate of the headjoint has a different design from that of the Muramatsu which has a pronunced concavity.
This difference leads me several days to get used to transition between a head and the other ... and I would prefer a headjoint that would allow me an immediate switch between the two, without adaptation problems.
I could use the headjoint of the Mura on the Sonarč ... but these do not fit perfectly...

I thought of two solutions:

1) Search for another headjoint with similar characteristics to those of the Mura.
2) Replace the Sonarč with another flute which has concave lip-plate similar to that of the Muramatsu ...

The question for Muramatsus' and headjoint expertises What kind/brand of headjoints has the features I need?
I cannot try out several heads or flutes... and the search would be among used stuffs...
Unless any of you have any other advice to give me.
Thanks for help.

Re: Headjoint for Muramatsu ST    23:45 on Wednesday, November 13, 2013          

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Posted by modernflute

Hello, the best option for you to do is to try flutes locally and see what you like. Try different headjoints, try them on different flutes as well as your flute. You'd be surprised what combinations sound the best between headjoints and bodies. The best bet is to see for yourself as everyone is different and will have different preferences. Best of luck to you! Also there are some websites around, not sure if there are any places like this near you, that offer trials of their instruments and/or headjoints. I'm sure it'd be fun playing around with different sound combinations as well and you may find something different than what you were originally seeking.

Re: Headjoint for Muramatsu ST    09:02 on Thursday, November 14, 2013          

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Posted by Mywing

Thanks for answer,
but unfortunately, I have no oppurtunity to try any headjoint here in my town and in nearest centres.
Here, the musical shops don't store many instruments or accessories; they order what you need on request.
The only solution for me is purchase a used headjoint hoping to be lucky...
So the best suggestions for me would arrive from old Muramatsu owners...
Thanks again anyway.


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