Flute Problem

Flute Problem

Flute Problem    16:50 on Thursday, December 18, 2003          
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On the left of the key where you place your left thumb are two keys that are next to each other. If you look at it I believe there are two screws? On my flute, the left one does not have a screw causing it to stay there. When I press the button that causes it to raise, it just stays there while the one on the right goes down normally. I`m wondering how much would it cost to repair this? Thanks.

Re: Flute Problem    21:43 on Thursday, December 18, 2003          
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It would probably be really cheap

Re: Flute Problem    22:13 on Friday, December 19, 2003          
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It depends on what level you are playing at. Those keys are only used for trills and the high notes. It doesn`t seem like a very high level (about school level) because of the name you gave to them (they`re actually called trill keys) so it doesn`t matter, but if you accidentally hit the D# trill key (the one you`re talking about) it will leak air, which will cause problems. Just lift it up yourself with your index finger if it does happen. Get it repaired though, but for a whole new screw you might have to order it. It should be a fairly small and cheap one, because some of them are huge, lengthwise. If you are renting one, which is the better thing to do, just get it exchanged. It`s not worth the wait if it needs to be ordered. And check that all screws and springs are present! And if you own it, good luck to you.


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