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flute headjoint    10:20 on Saturday, April 12, 2014          

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Posted by henrylr

Hi all,

I am new to this site. I was doing a web search for the best flute head joints and one hit was on 8notes. I tried to reply and got the message it was closed. So here's my $.02. I have the following flutes and headjoints.


Powell custom made B foot SN 6788 made 7/18/1984,
Bonneville plated C foot SN 2172,
Bonneville silver C foot SN 3121,
Louis Lot silver C foot (Barat Proprietor SN 5130,
Armstrong Emeritus 21 silver C foot SN K1474,
Armstrong 303 silver headjoint B foot SN 37 42307,
Armstrong Alto with silver headjoint SN 74-11295


Burkart M2 silver w/platinum riser SN1191 made April,2001,
JB Weissman silver,
Bonneville Silver,

My first two favorits are the Powell body and B foot with the Louis Lot seamed tube headjoint.
The other is the Louis Lot flute which has a C foot. For when I don't need low B.
My second choice is the silver Bonneville with the Burkart head joint.
My third is the plated bonneville.

I would like to sell the Armstrong emeritus 21, Armstrong 303 and JB Weissman Headjoint. If interested, please contact me with any questions?


Re: flute and head joints for sale update    12:20 on Sunday, June 29, 2014          

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Posted by henrylr

The Bonneville silver headjoint has been sold. The Burkart head is now available. It has been replaced with a Gary Schocker model David Williams silver head joint. The Armstrong 303B is no longer available.


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Posted by travel2165

Henry, this site is NOT for flute sales. For that, please go to such sale sites as www.usedflutes.com and the Facebook group called "Flutes for Sale".

This site is almost dead. It used to be very lively, but you will find very few readers or contributors these days.

Re: flute headjoint    13:23 on Sunday, June 29, 2014          

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Posted by henrylr

Thanks for the info. I thought it seemed kind of unused.


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