Bundy/Selmer flute

Bundy/Selmer flute

Bundy/Selmer flute    08:40 on Monday, October 26, 2015          

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Posted by flute2trumpet

I just picked up a Bundy/Selmer(?) flute from an auction. I only paid $25 incl shipping. Back in the high school days, I had a new Bundy flute from 1968. It came in the green plastic case.

This one came in a grey case, with Selmer/Bundy on the medalion. I thought it was older than the green case model, but it turns out it is newer.

Now to my question. This flute has no markings on the body at all, other than the serial # 2439. So I am wondering if it's even a Selmer/Bundy flute. It looks like my old Bundy did as far as manufacture goes.

It's either silver plated or solid silver. My Selmer Mk VI flute had some sort of markings indicating it was made from coin silver, but this one doesn't. So it's probably plated.

Does anyone have any insight?

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