Glory flutes

Glory flutes

Glory flutes    03:56 on Saturday, November 7, 2015          
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Posted by PGLGreg

People who know flute will almost always tell you to stay away from cheap flutes like this. Me, I think it might be worth a try. I read some of the Amazon reviews, which are pretty favorable, but there does seem to be a significant chance that it will arrive broken, and if it does, it probably wouldn't pay you to get it fixed.

I've been learning flute for less than 2 years (so I don't know much). I don't have this specific flute, but I do have several in this price range (> $300) I bought through Ebay from sellers in China. Mine have all arrived in playable condition.

Good luck.

Re: Glory flutes    04:07 on Monday, November 9, 2015          

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Posted by contra448

$500 reduced to $76? There is a lot of rubbish out there - even at its original price of $500 I would be reluctant to buy it. It might work when you get it but most of these instruments don't stay in regulation long due to soft metal & bad manufacture. Save your money & go for a recognised brand like Yamaha, Jupiter etc. which will sound better & last longer. Also you can get a better deal by buying secondhand instruments.


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