Piccolo Brands: Vito and JZ Music?

Piccolo Brands: Vito and JZ Music?

Piccolo Brands: Vito and JZ Music?    15:00 on Sunday, December 27, 2015          

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Posted by kristifarrell


I have been in the market for a new piccolo. I need one that is of reasonable quality but not too expensive.

I am considering two options right now and was wondering if anyone might know about the quality of the two.

1. VITO piccolo- I have a VITO flute and I love it but since they don't exist anymore I don't know much about their piccolos (I found one online). It is a composite body with a metal headjoint and supposedly worth around $900 (selling for ~$400).

2. JZ Music PAA composite piccolo- I found an ad on ebay and it seems like it might be what I am looking for. It is in my price range but I know nothing about the brand and can't find any information on it. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/JZ-Music-PAA-Composite-Piccolo-/261711924587) I have contacted the music store that is selling it for more information but would like additional input. I am considering this one because it is all composite with the raised lip in the headjoint.

Any input would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Re: Piccolo Brands: Vito and JZ Music?    01:19 on Tuesday, December 29, 2015          

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Posted by raycoyte


I am about to put my Yamaha piccolo on eBay. I hardly ever play it but it's a great instrument. Like all Yamaha's the quality is good and spares etc are easy to get. I would look at one if I were you.

Like all instruments though you should really try before you buy.




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