Looking for a decent cheap flute

Looking for a decent cheap flute

Looking for a decent cheap flute    23:13 on Sunday, February 21, 2016          

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Posted by Justfrfun

Hi all. Don't want to bore you with a lot of background so I'll just let you know that I'm not a real musician. I just enjoy playing around with a flute. I do appreciate the sound of a quality instrument though. I'm looking to replace/upgrade if possible my Armstrong 103 that was bought used in the 70's. It was through a flood and stepped on during a move. I otherwise would have made do with that for the few years I need to wait.

In a few years I would like to get something special (3-$4000.00 range) but for now I am on a poverty budget. Is there any used flute for under $200.00 (preferably well under) that would be worth looking for. I am looking for open hole offset g with a B foot. Obviously it wouldn't be a pretty instrument but I was just curious if thee where any ugly old flutes that can still exude quality for the practically poor.


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