Selmer Piccolo

Selmer Piccolo

Selmer Piccolo    20:47 on Monday, August 22, 2016          


I upgraded to a grenadilla Selmer piccolo back in June. I would like more info on this instrument, as it's the best piccolo I've played on, including the Pearl composite everyone likes.

It's grenadilla, and it's keys are likely silver or silver plated as they are tarnishing. It's marked Selmer USA, and I purchased it at L and L music. It was traded in by a previous owner. I can no longer see it's serial, but know it is S121013 from L and L's records. I called Conn-Selmer and discovered that it is older than 16 years. I have no model number, although it was marked SWP in the shop, but that doesn't correspond with any model that I can find. I would at least like this guy's age, and model if possible. I would attach pics if I could figure out how. I don't even have it's original case. It's previous owner used a ProTec for it.

I haven't found another like this anywhere. It's a high grade piccolo, not like the ones Selmer produces today. I want more info to see if I can hunt down another similar Picc. Thank you to anyone who can help. This instrument is a godsend. It's gotten me three gigs in just the last month. It has such delicate feeling keywork and a warm tone.


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