Help identifying this flute please?

Help identifying this flute please?

Help identifying this flute please?    16:43 on Tuesday, October 04, 2016          

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Posted by abbabbitt

I have no idea about flutes, so please forgive a stupid question. A relative recently passed and we found this flute in her basement. She didn't play the flute, so I don't know why she had it or where it came from. It's a Selmer with serial number 4527. The mouthpiece is marked Sterling Silver. The main body is marked Selmer USA with '4527' engraved at the other end.

Photos Here:

So my question is, obviously, is this flute worth anything? Is it a good model? Should we add it to the garage sale? Is it a good enough flute that we should take it to a dealer so someone who can appreciate it can own it?

Please let me know, and thank you in advance for your advice and opinions. This has been a rough time for us, and many people have swooped in trying to get the estate for a steal. We are trying to get as much for the kids as possible, so your help is appreciated.


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