NEW FLUTE -Altus 1707 vs Muramatsu DS

NEW FLUTE -Altus 1707 vs Muramatsu DS

NEW FLUTE -Altus 1707 vs Muramatsu DS    06:20 on Tuesday, January 10, 2017          

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Posted by KrisHflute

Hello forum
I'm looking for a new flute to the conservatory.
I have tried a Miyazawa BR-980 type 2, but the sound is too "bright" for me.

* I am a / dark-flute sound-girl *

So now I stand between choosing Altus 1707 and Muramatsu DS (have not yet tried Muramatsu)

- If you've tried either Altus 1707 or Muramatsu DS, Is there anything to recommend?

Re: NEW FLUTE -Altus 1707 vs Muramatsu DS    15:03 on Friday, March 17, 2017          

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Posted by Diver_Mike

I have played both. Muramatsu makes a great flute, solid, beautiful tone, great scale. It's even across all 3 octaves of the flute range, very musical indeed, you could not go wrong with ANY Muramatsu. BUT. The Altus blows everything away. The 1707 is one of the best flute made today, but all the Altus are made very very well. The head joint's; the Z-Cut, is more easy blowing, more freer blowing. The 'Classic' head joint sounds extremely sweet, warm, rich, very 'Louie Lottish'. The 'V-Cut' is loud and dark.

Obviously I'm the biggest Altus fan but buy what feels right in your hands. Altus does have a very special Mojo however.....But buy what your gut tells you to buy. You have to listen to your own heart, not mine, nor anybody else's. Play as many flutes as you can, take your time. And remember that it's tempting to think that the more expensive the flute, the better it will sound or play, but thats so not true. The least expensive Muramatsu's and Altus' are all incredible sounding. So again, my biggest advice is to go with your heart. Good luck and enjoy your new flute.....


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