What flute to choose

What flute to choose

What flute to choose    16:33 on Wednesday, November 08, 2017          

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Posted by ConcertBand

I have decided to upgrade to a more intermediate level flute. I have found these three different flutes but I am having trouble to choose which one. The first one is a YAMAHA 362H - OFFSET G, B footjoint for 1427.99 USD. The second one is an AZUMI BY ALTUS MODEL AZ-2 - OFFSET G, B footjoint for 1509 USD. The last one is a PEARL QUANTZ SERIES FLUTE MODEL 665 with a Forza headjoint for 1233.70 USD. Which of these flutes do zou recomennd purchasing as an intermediate step up flute.

BTW, all of these flutes were found on the FCNY (flute center of new york) website.

Re: What flute to choose    21:25 on Monday, January 15, 2018          

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Posted by mormika

Which one do you sound the better on and feels really comfy for your fingers and is the more durable flute? Now you got the answer.


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