Curious about Skype Lessons

Curious about Skype Lessons

Curious about Skype Lessons    05:28 on Monday, January 14, 2019          

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Posted by christielea

I'm loving that the online age has given us so many opportunities to learn flute. For some folks learning online can be the only option due to work/family commitments, remote living locations, a lack of local teachers as well as the cost of private lessons.

There's lots of fantastic flute courses and YouTube tutorials out there but the one thing they lack is that 'real time' feedback - that human element of a dialogue when you have a frustration, encouragement, practice accountability and also having someone to share your successes with.

For those who are unable to attend face to face lessons, skype lessons are the next best thing, and have the added advantage of removing the time, hassle and cost of travel.

The Flute Coach is currently gauging the demand for this learning tool and wants to hear from prospective students. Pre-register your interest using the link below (there's no obligation to purchase).

Learn more about what's planned at


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