A lot of missing teeth

A lot of missing teeth    23:26 on Friday, August 28, 2020          

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Posted by truetothegame64

So I have been playing the flute since high school I took a 6-year break since I graduated high school. I've lost a lot of teeth since then due to a car accident. I just purchased a flute and was wondering if I'm going to have problems forming a proper embouchure to play correctly. I used to be very advanced in my skills, sense picking it back up, it seems that the missing teeth have an effect on how I play. My question really is do you think I can relearn the teeth I have, or will I not be able to play until I get my teeth fixed?

Re: A lot of missing teeth    22:08 on Monday, September 14, 2020          

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Posted by chinachin

This is what I've been looking for, really meaningful

Re: A lot of missing teeth    08:00 on Saturday, September 19, 2020          

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Posted by Bilbo

This will depend upon your dedication and the situation with your mouth.
Your teeth help to support your flute's position.
Have you replaced those teeth with something?
Another issue is that if you haven't played for years then you can expect that you can't just pick up where you left off even though your muscles may remember a few things. So...How is it going up to now?


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