Good Clarinet Repertoire

Good Clarinet Repertoire

Good Clarinet Repertoire    03:46 on Monday, December 11, 2006          

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Posted by Musio4fun

Hello my fello Musicians...

I am in need of some advice on Good Repertoire For Clarinet

Well this year has been a very productive year..

I have Played

1)Finzi - Five Bagatelles
2)Saint-Saens - Sonta
3)Lutoslawski - Dance Preludes
4)Messager - Solo de Concours
5)Jeanjean - Carnival Of Venice Variations
6)Hindemith - Sonata
7)Stravinsky - Three Pieces
8)Mozart - Four Church Sonatas
9)Muczynski - Time Pieces (I LOVE them)
10)Spohr - Concerto No. 1

Alrighty Repertoire I've played this year and years past

Mozart - Clarinet Concerto
Weber - Concertino and both Concertos, Variations and Grand Duo Concertante
Rabaud - Solo De Concours
Cavallini - Adagio and Tarantella
Schumann - Fantasy Pieces
Brahms - both Sonatas
Cooke - Sonata

Thats all I can remember...

And Repertoire For next year is

Debussy - Premiere Rhapsody
Spohr - Concertos 2,3 and 4
Nielsen - Concerto
Babin - Hillandale Waltzes
Muczynski - Time Pieces (Again..)
Copland - Concerto
Weber - Variations, Grand Duo Concertante and Both Concertos (Again..)
Francaix - Concerto
Benjamin - Le Tombeau de Ravel

Alright.. Now for the Question..

Any other good Repertoire I can add to this List?? It doesnt what level it is please Suggest!!

Thanks heaps People


Oh By the way My Friend Posted that.. He is better than me.. a College Student :D

Re: Good Clarinet Repertoire    19:31 on Wednesday, December 13, 2006          

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Posted by as086848


I was wondering if you liked the five bagetteles piece? that's the piece that my lesson instructor said that I should get.

Re: Good Clarinet Repertoire    22:37 on Thursday, December 14, 2006          

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Posted by kato

i would suggest Poulencs sonata, i have started it and it is a great piece, i have also been recommended any of Weber's work by many people.

Amanda. i have played the 5 bagatteles a while back and i enjoyed it. that was a time that most music was boring me too... its a good piece, i recommend it


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