Yamaha clarinets

Yamaha clarinets

Yamaha clarinets    11:44 on Monday, May 19, 2008          

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Posted by ManuelMansilla


I am really sorry. I know I promised you a video and I still have not posted it. It is just that I have not fixed internet at my home and my camera doesn`t work, remember?

I promise, that, as soon as I can post the video, I will post it.

Now, I want to change my clarinet too. Are yamaha clarinets good?

How much are they?

Could you please find out that info. It is just that here in Mexico everything is much more expensive than in the USA, and I am going to there this summer vacation.

Thanks in Advance,

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Re: Yamaha clarinets    18:41 on Wednesday, May 28, 2008          

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Posted by ManuelMansilla

Hey! Thanks for such a nice post.

Hey guys, can any of you answer to my question?

PS. I will post the vid as soon as I can

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Posted by laeta_puella

i don't have any personal experience with them or knowledge about quality, but you can check out sites such as wwbw.com for prices and sometimes reviews

Re: Yamaha clarinets    11:30 on Thursday, May 29, 2008          

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Posted by rhaisley

are crap.

Without the video I refuse to tiptoe around the mulberry bushes, if you know what I mean.

John Bruce Yeh plays on Yamaha and somehow makes them sound halfway decent. If he played on Buffets he'd be principal. Another career falls victim to shoddy workmanship.

Re: Yamaha clarinets    06:29 on Sunday, June 01, 2008          

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Posted by alxx

yamaha have a range of clarinets from beginner(ycl250) up to professional.
From abs plastic models made in Indonesia and China to wooden ones made in Japan.


They are one of the four main or largest brands - Yamaha , Buffet , Selmer and leblanc.

Selmer-Conn which is own by Steinway distribute Selmer Paris clarinets and leblanc clarinets in the US.

Buffet - Paris http://www.buffet-crampon.com/en/instruments.php?mode=productsList&cid=10
Yamaha - Japan http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/winds/ different ranges of instruments are available in different countries
Selmer -Conn http://www.selmer.com/
Leblanc - http://www.gleblanc.com/instruments/index.php

Then there is a range of other manufacturers like
Amati - Czeck republic http://www.amati.cz/english/production/instruments/Clarinets.htm
Juptiter - Taiwan http://www.jupitermusic.com/jbi_instruments.aspx?cId=21&lId=1&sId=1
Orsi - Italy http://www.orsi-wind-instruments.it/
keilwerth/schrieber - Germany http://www.schreiber-keilwerth.com/englisch/schreiber/instruments/zs_clarinets.htm
Blessing ??? http://www.ekblessing.com/prd_saxnclarinet.htm#clarinet
Weril - Brasil http://www.weril.com/ImageGallery/ImageList.aspx?id=c560967d-1db5-45a1-b971-70927d58061b&m=1&c=fd1b840b-ae5c-4e7d-9339-d10f3fbce2f5
Antigua - Taiwan http://www.antiguawinds.com/products/clarinets.html
Cannonball - Taiwan/USA http://www.cannonballmusic.com/piacere.php
Trevor James - Taiwan/UK http://www.trevorjames.com/2006/clarinets/index.htm

Plus an increasing number of shop brands (i.e a shop or company buys from Taiwan or China and gets the instruments badged)

Then a few small speciality manufacturers like
Stephen Fox http://www.sfoxclarinets.com/Intro.html
Howarth http://www.howarth.uk.com/
Bernard Eppelsheim a specialist of large instruments - makes a contra bass clarinet

backun (sold by leblanc) http://www.backunmusical.com/clarinets.html

and a few others
plus a lot of Chinese factories churning out cheap plastic clarinets.
Few Indian factories turning out clarinets as well.

Re: Yamaha clarinets    19:43 on Monday, June 02, 2008          

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Posted by ManuelMansilla

Thanks for the reviews guys! They really helped me a lot


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