Overhaul for contrabass clarinet

Overhaul for contrabass clarinet

Overhaul for contrabass clarinet    09:20 on Friday, July 24, 2009          

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Posted by BandDad

My son has a Leblanc Paris 340 contrabass clarinet (paper clip).

We bought it from ebay about a year ago and he's played it successfully in the school band and got very good score at the solo festival

He wants to have it overhauled but the local repairman thinks that just an adjustment will be fine; that repadding etc won't markedly improve the sound.

I get the feeling from the repairman that he doesn't have the time/inclination to take on a complex job like this.

Can you recommend a service (we are U.S.-based, in New York) that could overhaul this instrument?

Re: Overhaul for contrabass clarinet    13:36 on Sunday, May 09, 2010          

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Posted by saxmaker

Did you find someone to overhaul your instrument?

Feel free to contact us at 9175138140

Michael Manning
Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc.


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