grenadilla clarinet?

grenadilla clarinet?

grenadilla clarinet?    20:15 on Tuesday, September 29, 2009          

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Posted by AmberRose

I am ordering a B flat clarinet to be manufactured specifically for me. It will be made with grenadilla wood, silver plated keys, imported parts. What could I sell it for on Ebay or Amazon?
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Re: grenadilla clarinet?    03:31 on Thursday, November 19, 2009          

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Posted by stevesklar

If you are having a custom clarinet made specifically for you then keep in mind you are paying a high price for that customization.

If you turn around and want to sell it expect a loss. Maybe a significant loss, or expect to hold on to it for a long time before a buyer comes along.

Why would anyone want to buy a "new" used clarinet from you when they could order a custom made clarinet and get what they want for the same price with an original buyers warranty ?

Here's some more info on clarinet value. It doesn't really answer your question but then we don't know what makde, model etc clarinet you are buying


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