Standard clarinet repertoire?

Standard clarinet repertoire?

Standard clarinet repertoire?    17:52 on Wednesday, August 25, 2010          

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Posted by musicaholic440

I'm trying to get started teaching woodwind instruments, and one of the first things I'm doing is compiling a list of standard repertoire for each instrument. I play the clarinet at an advanced level, but I haven't done a lot of solo playing. What are some of the good intermediate and advanced pieces for clarinet? Also, is there a good standard advanced method for clarinet? I know of Barret for oboe and Weissenborn for bassoon, but I haven't heard of one for clarinet. Thanks!

Re: Standard clarinet repertoire?    04:40 on Monday, September 27, 2010          

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Posted by wittlenix1

Are you in US? In Australia, where I am, there are music board exams (AMEB) which often provide a good indication of the type of repertoire for each level player from beginner to professional level. Perhaps there is a similar standard where you are? The Associate Board music exams in UK are also helpful for information on this and the information on this is on the websites for these. Also, university audition lists are good indications of intermediate and advanced works.

I think 5th-8th grade pieces are generally considered to be 'intermediate' and include things like the Hurlstone 4 Characteristic Pieces, Gade Fantasy Pieces, Lutoslawski Dance Preludes, slow movements of works by Weber, Stamitz, Schumann, Brahms. There are a set of jazz pieces by Thompson called Boogie and Blues which are very good. There's also a good Australian work called Prologue, Night Piece and Blues for Two by Don Banks which is a good intermediate piece.

Advanced can be any full concertos by Weber, Mozart, Copland, Finzi, Neilsen etc. works by Debussy, Horovitz, Muczynski, Martinu etc. The sky's the limit.

It also depends on what you consider to be 'intermediate'. If you're talking band levels, these can be very different to solo levels so someone claiming to be 'intermediate' at a band level can often be at a lower level than an intermediate soloist.

Hope this helps.


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