Going from Clarinet to saxaphone

Going from Clarinet to saxaphone

Going from Clarinet to saxaphone    22:04 on Monday, May 21, 2012          

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Posted by Oliviameow

I have been playing clarinet for nearly 2 years now and next September I want to pick up Sax for jazz band. This will not be extermly difficult will it? Also what are some pointers? Do you think I should buy a sax or rent? I am kind of nervous, you to merorise all those new fingers and such.

Re: Going from Clarinet to saxaphone    23:09 on Thursday, May 31, 2012          

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Posted by K-Bo

It's not too difficult (but honestly it does require a little practice to get started). It is a little different though. What type of sax are you playing? Alto, tenor?? I switched from clarinet to tenor sax last year now I play baritone sax. Also I truely recommend renting at first or if your school offers it try borrowing a school instrument (that's what I did). Also, one of the best things to do is develop an idea of what is different between sax and clarinet... so when you go back to clarinet you don't use any sax technique that is considered improper for clarinet.(I kinda screwed up on that one haha but seriously the sooner you know the differences, the better) Notice the difference in fingerings, embouchure(spelling=?), breathing, etc. These will also play a key role in how quickly you learn. Sorry, I'm just rambling now. I hope some of this was helpful. I can try to find some tutorials and tips for you if you want them. I used a youtube video and a clarinet website to establish the differences so I will try to find those for you. Again, sorry this is so long. Any questions?

Re: Going from Clarinet to saxaphone    22:39 on Wednesday, June 06, 2012          

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Posted by purplefan1999

Wow! That's awesome! I did that too. It depends on what sax you are switching to, but I switched to alto sax and it took a couple of days to adjust. The fingerings have some similarities, but I don't think you'll forget. The main part is the size of the mouthpiece. Hope this helped and Good Luck!

Re: Going from Clarinet to saxaphone    01:18 on Wednesday, November 07, 2012          

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Posted by sherwinjtb

From my experience, I didn't find playing the sax too difficult after playing the clarinet. I still prefer the clarinet though. The sax was more inconvenient because of the fingerings more spread apart. The sax is also easier to make louder sounds and at the start requires extra effort for control. Sax is heavier too. If you're a big person then you'll probably think differently.


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