The best Eb sopranino Clarinet??

The best Eb sopranino Clarinet??

The best Eb sopranino Clarinet??    15:16 on Monday, October 22, 2012          

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Posted by emotsunami

Yes, i realise this question is all down to personal taste but I would love to see some opinions! I am hoping to specialise in Eb clarinet and within the next year or two i am hoping to buy a top of the range instrument! My instinct would be to go with the selmer recital Eb clarinet, as it is closest to my current set up and i prefer a darker sound, but no one has posted reviews on it or anything!? I will definitely go and test some out myself when i can but am curious to get YOUR opinion! what do you play on? or any instruments that have not been any good? the floor is open...

Re: The best Eb sopranino Clarinet??    21:23 on Thursday, October 25, 2012          

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Posted by ebclarinet807

I have been playing Eb for 9 years now. I've played on four different Eb's. Two were Buffet r13's, one was a Selmer (plastic), and one was a Yamaha (wood). I find that the Yamaha has the brightest sound of all of them, even brighter than the plastic Selmer. Both of the R13's seem to play about the same and have a dark rich tone. If I bought one on my own, it would probably be an R13.

Also, the darkness could have a lot to do with the mouthpiece. I'm currently playing on a Gregory Smith mouthpiece. I love it. It has a rich, dark tone not commonly found in Ebs.

Good luck!


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